• Are you using damaged appliances in your home?
  • Do your lights keep flickering or blinking?
  • Are you getting high electricity bills?

If you are experiencing any of these problems than it might all be a sign of electrical problems on your home circuit.

Today, everything runs on electricity. There might be technological advancement around us but there are some horrifying and annoying electrical issues that we face on a daily basis.

In this post, we are mentioning eight electrical problems around the home that must be identified along with the appropriate solutions.

Have a look!

1. Frequent Electrical Transients: The most common problem is electrical transients which are also known as surges. Summer storms, damaged power lines, faulty appliances and sometimes power companies are responsible for the surges. It is caused by the huge jump in charge inside the power line. There is an increase in the potential electrical energy that boosts the current to the outlet. If it continues to happen, it’s time to call the electrician

2. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) Trips Frequently: As the names indicate – when the amounts of current flowing to a device surpass what it can handle, they break up circuits. High wattage electrical appliances like Microwaves, electrical chimneys, geyser can trip circuit breakers when they all are used on the same source. To avoid the circuit tripping, you can use these appliances on low setting or restrict the electrical usage on a single circuit when you are using high watt appliances.

3. Brighter lights or Dimmer Lights: When you notice that some lights are very bright, while others are very dim, there are two possible issues:

  • Technical problem in main power panel
  • Some bulbs or tube lights are consuming different wattage of power.

Make sure you fix these problems.

4. Electrical Shocks: A nasty encounter that nobody wants to experience. The three probable reasons are:

• Poor insulation
• When the wire is not grounded
• Faulty appliance
It’s better to consult an electrician and fix the root cause of it.

5. A Surge In Electricity Bills: An unusual surge in electricity bills can happen due to the number of reasons. It can happen because of the patching leakage in the electrical system or outdated electrical device consuming high power or damaged wiring or circuit. You need to identify the problem not only to lower your electrical bill but also to protect your appliances.

6. Electrical Circuit Overload: When you draw electricity to the circuit more than it’s capacity, the circuit gets overloaded. Either the circuit will break up or overheat the circuit wiring. Make sure you do not use high wattage items simultaneously. It can overburden the single circuit. You should speak to the electrician and replace the panel that can handle a bigger load.

7. Voltage Sags And Voltage Swells: Sags and swells are quite similar to electrical transients. They cause an irregular drop in the voltage. An abrupt increase or abrupt decrease in the load on a circuit occurs due to the loose or damaged neutral connection. If the problem is constantly happening, it might be due to the use of outdated appliances. Replace your faulty devices and get your power checked with the electrician to improve the lighting.

8. Open Junction Boxes: A junction box consists of a metal box having lots of wires in it. It separates one section of wires from other section of wires. If an electrical issue arises in one part of the building, the junction box makes it easy to locate the wires of that building. An uncovered junction box is an open invitation to the tragedy. Keep the box enclosed to prevent electric shock and electric fire.

The smartest way to solve these electrical issues is to call a trained and licensed electrician rather than fixing on your own. If you are looking for an electrical service in Melbourne to solve any of your electrical problems, give us a call on 0402900686.