Smoke Alarms

It is recommended by many health & safety professionals to change the batteries once a year. Yes, every year they insist, even if the older one has some life in it, you need to still have a battery backup in case of power failure. You might be wondering, why not...

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Emergency Electrician

Ask an Emergency Electrician: 4 Ways to Deal with Wet Outlets

Mixing water with electricity is a dangerous mixture. If there is water in an electrical outlet around your home, that can be caused by anything from flooding to spilling a water nearby an outlet. You must know the dangerous consequences of mixing electricity with water. You must know what...

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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety in the Home: Proper Use of Extension

In modern homes, people use so many electrical appliances that they forget the real risks and dangers associated with their use. Many electrical fires can be caused by faulty or damaged wiring and electrical devices. One can easily found extension cords as it is a common item in many...

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