Check your Switchboard to Avoid Mishaps

Switches are like old fellows; you have used them for a long time. When they are not performing the way, they used to do, you know there is something wrong! You need to check them or contact an electric professional as soon as possible. These switches may cause detonation and maybe a reason to catch fire as well. So, you need to address the problem for the safety of your family.

In winter, the chances of any kind of accident increase. Your switches must be working perfectly because of the load they have to bear during cold days. Many families use multiple electrical appliances in their home that results in an increase in load on these switches, and if they are not good enough, they will hardly bear them.

How to Check the Needs of Repairing a Switchboard?

There are certain signs that indicate you need to get rid of these switches and replace them. We are here to help you out with the signs of worn-out switches.
1. Unusual Sounds
2. Heating up of Switches
3. No good use of Electrical Power
4. Checking the Electrical Panel

Unusual Sounds

Have you ever noticed unusual sounds when you hear closely a switch that is on? If yes, this is the most prominent sign of a defective switch. A slight unusual sound when you flip the button is also an indication that electricity is arching, and it is a potential fire hazard.

Heating Up of Switches

If your switch is heating up while it is on for a relatively small period of time, it is clear evidence of something extremely dangerous. A hot switch means there is probably too much voltage traveling into the switch or maybe there is a wiring problem. If this is the case, you should not even wait for an instant, and call an electrician at full tilt.
No Good Use of Electrical Power
When switches are not working properly, a slight delay is seen in the opening of the light after the switch is open. There are chances that the electrical contacts are burning out in this case. After years of usage, the metal parts inside the switch wear out which causes this to happen. Luckily it is not as dangerous, it is just a case of simple switch replacement.

Checking the Electrical Panel

Some of the reasons for changing the switch might fall inside the electrical panel. A faulty switch can be a cause of electrical surges, and sometimes the fault arises inside the panel. You never know! So, to avoid any loss or short circuits in the future, you need a professional to check them correctly.
If you experience any of the cases mentioned above, you must replace them as having them means a higher probability of fire.
Still not sure, whether you should replace it or not?
When tackling complex wiring, defective switches, and future fire hazards the best action you can take is to contact an electrician. At Abba electrical, we can check your switchboards with a team of professionals, and address the problem within no time.


To prevent things like this (overheating of a particular circuit which caused a fire) it is recommended to have your switchboard serviced regularly.
(We came across a faulty installation yesterday – somewhere along the line, there was extra resistance creating heat which caused this fire –

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