Did you know that from in January 2021, electrical safety inspections in residential homes will be required every two years? With ABBA Electrical Safety and Compliance, you can make sure you’re ready for this change in regulation. You must be able to ensure the safety of your tenants, employees, or family as a landlord, employer, or house owner. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of any possible hazards, such as electrical fires or faulty appliances, and to take steps to mitigate these risks. Our skilled staff can conduct safety and compliance inspections on any and all electrical equipment, giving you the peace of mind you need to keep your home and/or workplace safe, as well as provide advice on any necessary upgrades or repairs.

With us, electrical safety compliance services meet all of the requirements of relevant legislation, regulations, and national quality assurance to electrical safety. Unlike many other suppliers, we provide complete compliance services, from testing to repairs, allowing our clients to be confident that the electrics in their workplace are safe.

It is critical to ensure that you are functioning in a safe environment and that you are in electrical compliance with safety rules. ABBA Electrical Services specialises in providing clients with all of the necessary information and services to ensure absolute compliance.

Fixed Installation Testing

Fixed Installation on a Regular Basis Electrical circuits and equipment that distribute power across a building is tested. It covers all of a building’s hard wiring, whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential.

Thermal Imaging

The use of thermal imaging to diagnose electrical problems and breakdowns is extremely successful. Thermal imaging cameras, controlled by our expert engineers, can detect loose connections that might lead to a build-up of heat and fire.

PAT Testing

PAT testing is the methodical examination of any device with a plug. Our qualified experts guarantee that the portable appliances in your workplace are fully checked, and they produce a detailed report within hours of the testing being completed.

Electrical Remedial Works & Repairs

Following the completion of electrical safety testing, the necessary corrective actions must be taken. The danger is that an accident or incident that happens after testing reveals a flaw but before the flaw is corrected. ABBA Electrical is unique in that we will diagnose the problem and provide an Electrical Remedial Repairs service – call us for a quotation.

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