Do you even know the importance of electrical safety at home?

In modern homes, people use so many electrical appliances that they forget the real risks and dangers associated with their use. Many electrical fires can be caused by faulty or damaged wiring and electrical devices. One can easily found extension cords as it is a common item in many homes. People don’t consider it as a dangerous item and thus exclude it from the electrical safety checklist. If it is used continuously in the wrong conditions, it can cause fatal electric shock or electric fire. You must ask for a licensed electrician for the safety advice of any electrical appliance or outlet.

Electrical devices always come with a cord. Many people use extension cords to enhance the range of electrical outlets. Now it’s time to brush up the electric safety tips for using an extension cord in the home to keep them in good condition and impede unnecessary exposure to hazards and safety risks.

Let’s Dive in!

Make a habit of checking regularly power tool cords, extension cords and lights. Check if there are any cracks, frays or kinks. Make sure you check before using them.

  • Do not use cords as jump ropes, clothesline or leashes. It should be only used for its intended purpose, not for anything else.
  • Make sure electrician firmly plug the cords into the outlets. If it is loose or can be pulled out easily, you have to put into a snug outlet.
  • Use water-resistant and heat – resistant extension cords.
  • Avoid using extension cords as a permanent fixture. Call for a professional for an extra outlet.
  • Do not put them under carpet, rugs or threshold doors. It will be a dangerous move as you will unable to notice frays.
  • You must unplug the extension cord if it is not in use.
  • Do not use it the extension cord if it is damaged or feels hot.
  • Make sure the extension cord is uncoiled. It will prevent the overheating of the cord.
  • Use of a single extension cord for more than one device can cause damage and catch fire.
  • Do not use the cord in the area where is less airflow. The heat may buildup and catch electric fire.
  • Do not use an extension cord as a permanent solution.
  • Use the proper length of the cord for particular tasks.

Plugging Two Extension Cords Together Is An Open Invitation To An Electric Tragedy

If you connect two identical extension cords in series, consecutively, there is an increase in the resistance of extension cord. This results in overheating of the cords and damage the insulation. It can create an electric fire or cause electric shock.

Wrap Up!

However, extension cords are helpful in providing the exact power wherever we require. But it is a temporary measure and do not intend to provide permanent power solution. If you are using the cord for any years and do not witness any issue yet, it does not imply that it won’t cause any problem in the future. You are leaving with your family and you can’t compromise in the electrical safety in the home.

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