Home automation, often called “Smart Home Technology” is used to automate your home with exceptional use of technology. Home automation is simply the automatic control of electronic devices. With the help of home automation, you can automate every aspect of the home with the help of the internet of things (IoT). But since home automation is a highly new technology, many people find it significantly overwhelming.

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Garage & Entry Way Automation

With excellent home automation, no need to worry if you forget your key or close the door accidentally while being outside. Your door will be accessible from your smartphone if you opt to choose automated home technology. In addition, guests never need to wait outside if you are not home, as you can open doors using your smartphone, no matter where you are.
Moreover, you can assign a sequence of tasks soon after the opening of your garage door. It means when your garage door opens, lights on the way turn on for the assigned period. That is the perfect definition of expedient!

Smart Automation In Garden & Outdoors

Exhibit lights at any time you want by using your phone and avoid outdoor switches. Lighting automation uses wireless lights that do not require any installation of switches. Instead, you can control them by using a single app on your phone. These systems are connected to the internet and know the time of sunset, due to which they open accordingly.

Home Lighting Automation

Innovative home technology allows customized settings of lights. You can control the lights of your entire house at your fingertips. One feature lets you connect your home to google home to send audio commands; giving other benefits as well. Sensors used in these automation handle light depending on the requirement.

Home Safety & Security Automation

Our experts can integrate your alarms into your lighting systems. These alarm sensors can act as regular motion sensors as well. They are also capable of switching lights off when no moments are detected for a significant amount of time. Adding to the security of your home, these alarms can turn on lights catching any suspicious activity even if you are not home.

Why You Need Home Automation?

Considering the benefits, these automation systems can add value to your home. Remember, a smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to monitor your house remotely. We at Abba Electrical are professional at automating your home by using intelligent technologies. We have an excellent track record working for multiple customers, and we assure to provide your entire home on your smartphone.