Do you like the cozy fireplace? But confused about the place and positioning of the chimney. What is the solution?

Electric fireplaces are a trendy and cost-effective alternative that most people love these days. With easy installation and without harming the environment it provides the warm flickering glow that fascinates everyone. Also, electric fireplaces are safer in terms of fire risks. Here are some points that you should be aware of before installing An Electric Fireplace.

No Real Frames:

You may be aware that the flames produced by an electric fireplace are not real. However, they produce warmth similar to a heater, uses a fan to through heat and warm to your home. But keep it as a secondary source of heating solution. Also, it requires power as it works on electricity, it could impact your electricity bill.


One of the major advantages of an electric fireplace is that it is movable. Unlike traditional fireplaces, an electric fireplace can be moved from one room to another. In fact, you can take it with you if you are shifting from one home to another.

Minimum Maintenance and Efforts:

Undoubtedly in today’s lifestyle, we need something convenient that could work at a touch. The electric fireplace fits that category. Moreover, you don’t have to monitor it again and again like a traditional fireplace.

Available in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes, and Design:

For different houses, different layouts, depending on your preference you can get the one you want. You can opt for a fireplace on the ground or mounted on the wall. It can go anywhere.

In addition to this, the installation process of an electric fireplace is quite easy. Most of the electric fireplaces need to install simple mounting brackets, set up, and plugin. If you are planning to buy a quality electric fireplace and looking for a professional electrician in Melbourne, that help you in installing an electric fireplace, feel free to contact Abba Electrical for more information.

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