It’s fair to think that many Australian houses have a “To-Do” list of maintenance tasks to do. It’s also safe to say that most of us believe this list will never stop. So why is it that when we finally find time to tackle our never-ending to-do list, the sky opens up and rain pours down on our big day of DIY projects? Never be afraid if you can connect. Here are a few basic home maintenance tasks you can accomplish even if it’s raining outside!

Inspect and Replacement Batteries in Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

A yearly check of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is one of the easiest but most important tasks to add to your list. As a simple way to remember this possibly life-saving job each year, we recommend creating a practise of checking these as daylight savings ends. Check to ensure that your alarms are operational and replace any batteries that are needed. While you’re up there, make sure your detectors are safe, clean, and unobstructed.

Do you have a gas heater that you use in your house throughout the winter? If you don’t already have carbon monoxide detectors, you should consider installing them since they can help save lives. More information may be found by clicking here.

If you’re unclear how to thoroughly inspect your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, our Service Today professionals are delighted to help. We will make certain that your alarms are completely operational and performing their job of keeping you and your family safe. Simply call us or book online today!

Examine the Doors and Windows for Cracks and Gaps

Did you know that air leakage (also known as draughts) accounts for up to 25% of heat loss in current homes? With cooler weather on the coming, repairing any cracks and gaps around the house now might be a smart way to spend your next rainy day! Draught-proofing is essential for retaining heat inside your house and can help with energy efficiency and lowering power bills in the long term. Just keep in mind that if you have unflued gas heaters or open flames in your house, you must allow for appropriate ventilation for health and safety reasons.

Enhance Your Lighting

Remember to look up if you’re around your house searching for odd things to perform on a wet day! Depending on the lighting in your house, you may want to consider replacing to more energy-efficient choices. When your next power bill arrives, you’ll be glad you did!

Better still, why not take advantage of the chance to make an even greater statement by switching out your lighting fixtures? A new fixture may radically transform the look and feel of a space; however, rules in certain jurisdictions require you to have this job completed by a certified electrician. If you become stuck and want the assistance of a professional, our Service Today electricians are lighting specialists! Improve Your Lighting

Thoroughly Clean Your Ceiling Fans

While you’re looking up, don’t forget to check out your ceiling fans! If you can’t remember the last time you thoroughly cleaned your fans, it’s probable that you’re overdue. A frightening amount of dust may accumulate and conceal on the tops of fan blades, so it’s critical to clean these thoroughly. While you’re up there, look for the reverse switch, which is usually placed on the body of the fan or on the remote. As the weather begins to decrease in the coming months, remember to turn your fans clockwise so that they can work with your heating system to properly circulate heat around the room.

Show Some Attention to Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry

If you’re confined indoors for a few rainy days, why not use the time to clean your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry? Some of the most typical chores that go unfinished on the old “To-Do” list include leaks, poor fittings, and faded grout. So, why not try some of them on your next day off and finally check some stuff off your list:

  • Inspect and clean the grout between your kitchen and bathroom tiles thoroughly, fixing as needed.
  • Examine all of your faucets for leaks, replace any worn washers and clean the aerators as needed.
  • Inspect the caulking surrounding your shower and/or bathtub and, if required, fix it.
  • Remove the showerhead and clean it well to remove any sediment buildup.
  • If you have an uneven towel rail or a toilet paper holder that irritates you every time you look at it, now is the time to correct it! It’s likely that it’s a simple remedy, such as a faulty screw or anchor.
  • Run a cycle of specialised dishwashing cleaner through your dishwasher to deep clean it. This will remove any accumulated oil and limescale and allow your machine to function more efficiently. Don’t forget to clean off the exterior as well to assist prevent rust.
  • Clean out your refrigerator, taking the time to check expiry dates on all those jars that amass so readily. While you’re at it, take advantage of the chance to defrost the freezer.
Clear Out Your Pipes

Finally, this is probably not a job you should tackle on a rainy day… but rather in preparation for the next wet days. Leaves will soon start to change colour and fall from the trees, with many of them ending up in your gutters. This may be a huge issue since a buildup of leaves and other debris can cause your pipes to get clogged and back up, potentially causing water damage. So it’s a good idea to get on top of this early and empty your gutters before the rain comes.

As you scoop extra leaves and other debris from the gutters, make sure you have a strong ladder to support you. Once your gutters have been emptied, wash them down with a hose, looking for leaks along the way. You may also consider adding gutter guards to make this work easier in the future. But, if this all seems a little difficult, or if you’re afraid of heights, why not leave it to the professionals? Service Today provides skilled roof and gutter services, and while we’re up there, we can inspect your roof for any loose or damaged tiles.

Try any of these basic maintenance tasks the next time the rain keeps you indoors, and you’ll have your list looking shorter in no time! As usual, if you get stuck, the helpful team at Abba Electrical is available to assist you. Simply contact us on 0402 900 686 or make an easy online booking now for expert advice or assistance with any of your plumbing, electrical, or heating and conditioning services.