Your home is the safe haven that provides you and your family the utmost comfort. It is a place that keeps your family safe and cherishes all your memories. So, wouldn’t you consider the best installations and solutions that there are?

For the guaranteed protection and comfortability of you, your loved ones, and your belongings, perfect solutions are vital. Well, leave it to us!

Have a look at the list of things that we can take care of for you. With durability and constant services, we can keep your home safe, comfortable, and everlasting.

T.V. Installation Services

Does your T.V. drive you insane with less reception? Do you want the T.V. mounted elsewhere? Need an opinion on upgrading the T.V.? Or need more components to be installed inside your home? This is our thing!

We have years of experience with televisions anything electrical. To serve you better, we offer a variety of T.V. installation and repair services.

  • Installation and repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades and removal
  • Reception improvements
  • …and much more.

Domestic and commercial electrical services

Before looking at few things that we are experts on, let’s talk about the importance of safe installations. The world today introduces us to more and more advance electrical equipment. Using them safely and taking the maximum out of them is up to us. Poor electrical wiring or installation can cause danger to both you and to the expensive equipment.

As your home becomes older there can be problems that it brings along with it. If your home is equipped with porcelain fuses or contains old switchboards the risks levels can be high. You may want to consider rewiring before it is too late.

Apart from our quality phone and T.V. offerings, other electrical services we provide are certainly something to talk about. Simply because of the incredible prices we offer which also makes us better than our competitors. So, light installation, an inspection of patio wiring, or general electrical repairs? Hand them over to us! We will be at your service despite the size of the project.

Some of our expertise,

  • Installation of additional lights
  • Patio wiring
  • LED lighting installation and troubleshooting
  • Our highly coveted free energy-saving advice
  • Appliances installation and repair

Data and Phone Services

Once again, we are not only T.V. installation and repair experts. Phone and data services is another area of our expertise. If you are working from home and considering an enhanced data capability, we can sort it out for you.

Consult us as we can recommend the best phone setup that suits you. With the new normal working from home uninterrupted could be the ultimate peace of mind you need.

We also do,

  • Installation of phone lines to your home
  • Home line troubleshooting
  • Outlet installations for your phones
  • Phone upgrades, discounts, and more.

Air Conditioning

Let’s keep cool! We have a fully qualified team of experts to provide the best air conditioning solutions for you. So, if you are in the Gold Coast, we are the best service provider for you.

24/7 Electrical emergencies

Honestly, we wish everything goes well. But in reality, there is always a chance for things to go wrong. Our team of experts is formed and ready for you 24/7, 365 days guaranteeing a quick and reliable service. So, call us whenever you need any assistance, we are more than glad to be at your service.

Abba Electrical has been proudly serving thousands of residents of Gold Coast since 1991. Our service quality and incredible prices have made us stand out from the rest. Our goal is to continue the same but bigger and better!