Regardless of your home’s age, you always carry the danger of catching a fire caused by electricity. Almost 6.5% of the world’s fire is caused by electricity. Houses go on fire in less than 5 minutes, this is all because of materials that we use in our home.

Electrical components such as cable wires, circuits, switches can fail… resulting in a fire outbreak. Similarly, electrical panels with overloaded circuits could be another major reason for an electrical fire.

But if you could recognize some of the early signs, you could save yourself and your home.


Signs of an Electrical Fire


Symptoms that prove an electrical fire is around the corner

You notice a burning smell
If you think something is burning but couldn’t find out the reason, it may be an electrical fire. You should shut the power until a qualified electrician can come and have a look.

If this is the case, there is a great chance that you have a short circuit. The major reason for the short circuits is loose or faulty connections that become the reason for electricity leakage.

Outdated wires and connections
Wires & insulation experience wear and tear with the passage of time. Electricity is hot, wires used in past were not designed to meet the needs of current power consumptions by modern electrical appliances. If your home’s electrical system is old, you should call a trusted electrician to perform an inspection to reduce an electrical fire outbreak inside walls.

Worn out wall outlets and switches
An electrical fire is not always caused by wires and insulations. Sparking is one of the reasons for an electrical fire. These outlets are a major reason for causing the arcs. If you think you have some of these in your home, you should call an electrician to fix them instead of opening them by yourself.

Breakers that keep tripping
It is normal if your breaker trip after some time. Their basic function is to break the power every time the risk of catching an electrical fire is seen.

But if your breakers keep tripping all the time, this is a great sign of faulty wirings. Moreover, an overloaded circuit is another reason for the continuous tripping of breakers. If you are witnessing tripping of breakers more than often, you leave no choice to yourself but to call out an electrician.

Reduce Risks of your house catching electrical fire
An electrical fire could be enormously destructive. Having the amount of furniture in our homes these days, an electrical fire can catch the house in no time. It is important that you get your wirings to check subsequently by a trained technician.

The only way of preventing an electrical fire is to plan before any mishap. If you think you are witnessing any of the things mentioned, you should not hesitate to get your home inspected.

With a team of certified electricians, we can help you identify and fix some of the potential electrical fire dangers. Technicians at Abba Electrical can handle any of the fuse or circuit problems to complete electrical rewiring.