Reasons You Need to Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Alarm

It is recommended by many health & safety professionals to change the batteries once a year. Yes, every year they insist, even if the older one has some life in it, you need to still have a battery backup in case of power failure.

You might be wondering, why not we wait until the battery completely dies? The cost of changing batteries may seem overwhelming, right?

The thing you need to consider here is, the safety campaign is not about selling batteries…

It is more about your safety… Safety alarms need a good amount of power supply to ring well & continuously.

For this purpose, it is advised by the experts to connect your fire alarm to a 240-volt power supply.

For an instance, suppose your house catches fire in the middle of the night, but your fire alarm is connected to a 9-volt battery. Ask yourself, would your alarm be able to SCREAM loud? Obviously, no!

So, for the safety of your family, you need to consider expert advice, and charge your batteries before winters…

The reason I emphasize winter here is the amount of risk we generate of catching fire is insane. We tend to use our heaters more often, which increases the chance of catching fire to a greater extent.

According to a Survey…

In Australia… almost 66% of fire deaths happen in homes. The major reason is no proper working of smoke alarms. However, your risk of dying is cut in half when you make sure you have working fire alarms. Most of the fire alarms also detect CO (Carbon monoxide gas) which is an immensely deadly gas. Make sure your fire alarm also does the same. So, let’s change those batteries!

Signs you need to change your Smoke Alarm’s battery immediately!

Have you ever noticed a high-pitched chirping sound from your smoking alarm? It is one of the prominent signs that you need to change the battery as soon as possible.

You need to be proactive…

When you change the battery of a single fire alarm, make sure you change all of them at the same time. As it is one of the major factors that are related to the health & safety of your family, you can’t afford to be lenient on this.


It is Australian standards and desirable that your smoke alarms are linked to each other, which means that if one goes off then every smoke alarm in the whole property will also alarm.

Smoke Alarms

Why not take it a step further? At abba electrical, we can integrate your smoke alarms with your alarm system.

E.g if you leave your home and there is a fire – your alarm system will go off to alert your neighbours who can call the fire station straight away!

Ending note

Installing smoke alarms will keep you, and your family safe. But what if you are relaxed that you have a smoke alarm, and when the time came, it fails to scream.

No one wants this to happen…

So, to remain safe you need to be active with the changing of batteries. At least once a year! As recommended by professionals.