Electrical circuits in the house are designed to accommodate a certain voltage. Exceeding the set voltage can host various issues like electrical fire, shocks, melting etc can be raised. Under favorable circumstances, the safety switches get triggered in response to the power surges or accidentally plugging too many devices. If it is tripping randomly all the time, that means, something is wrong.

Below are some of the common reasons that are responsible for the random tripping of the safety switches:

A. Defective Electrical Devices: The most common reason for random tripping of the safety switches is due to the use of defective household electrical devices. They produce electrical current leakages and create an imbalance in the circuit. Under such conditions, identify the faulty appliances that are responsible for the tripping of safety switches.

B. Damaged Wiring: Another most common reason for switch tripping is damaged wiring. It leads to the electrical overloading which is caused by faulty electrical work like damage caused to the wires during renovation, wildlife interference, old or outdated wiring system. The common symptoms of damaged wiring are flickering lights, smoke, burning smells, scorch marks etc.

C. Electrical Storms: Next on the list is electrical storms. If the lightning hit your home or power lines or power station, the electrical surge will occur. Safety switch triggers and turn the power off to protect the home from potential electrical damage. It is a safety precaution to do not turn the power back until the storm does not stop.

D. Nuisance Tripping: It occurs when too many electrical devices are plugged with the same outlet. If these electrical devices are leaking minor currents, the aggregated load causes a considerable change in current and the switch triggers. If you want to avoid nuisance tripping, unplug all the electrical devices that are not in use.

E Defective safety switch: Next on the list is the use of a defective safety switch. If you have already unplugged all electrical devices from the triggered circuit but the safety switches still tripping, you need to call an electrician to assess the problem. If you are fixing yourself and you see a spack or flash, you have to stop what you are doing and call the electrician.

What to do if the safety switch keeps tripping?

A. Check that whether the safety switch or circuit breaker is off or down. If it is OFF, find out the cause. If it is ON, but power is out, call the electrician,

B. If any of the switches are ‘OFF’, flip the switches from OFF to ON.

C. If the switches or circuit breakers trips again, disconnect all the devices and reset the safety switch again. If everything is working properly, do not use the disconnected devices until the Melbourne electrician told you to do so.

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