The right lighting conditions at the workplace is of paramount importance. High-quality warehouse and factory lighting fulfill the conditions of industrial production. It minimize energy consumption and provides a pleasant visual environment to persuade the team to work efficiently and reduce workplace accidents. It keeps everyone safe and boosts enterprise value.

Importance of good lighting in the warehouse to create a safe working environment

A. Safeguarding the Workers’ Health: Healthy workers make the business healthy and wealthy. This can only be achieved by ensuring that all the things are up to the mark. Headache, dizziness etc are the outcomes of poor lighting. It also affects the mental health of the people working the overnight shift. Fortunately, a good lighting solution helps in alleviating these problems and safeguard the workers’ health.

B. Minimize Workplace Mistakes: Bad task lighting affects the ability of the employees to witness what they are doing. Work that requires a high degree of skills, bad lighting causes mistakes, errors and convert the whole task into a waste.

C. A safe workplace: A good lighting solution includes: lighting for corridors, emergency exit lighting, properly lit storage cupboards etc. Good lighting at the workplace creates a safe workplace environment.

D. Minimize Workplace Accidents: A good lighting system enables the team to witness what they are doing to minimize the accidents at the workplace. The best luminaire at the workplace impacts the mood and vigilance of the workers. A good lighting system makes them active and stays alert whereas poor lighting can make them sleepy. A poor lighting system impacts productivity and also minimize the chance of making errors.

Tips to ensure good lighting at the warehouse and factory

A. Use LED: LED is efficient and long-lasting than metal halide. It has a lesser heat output and long life span. It saves a lot of money. It can be customized according to the need of the buyer.

B.Utilize the Natural Light: Warehouses have ample natural lights. That means you have to pay less for artificial light. Most of the natural light comes from windows and doors. Keep them clean.

C. Use the Control Switches: They are energy efficient as they are helpful in minimizing the additional costs. It enables you to control the sharpness and brightness of the switches and provide comfort to the team working in the warehouse.

D. Colour Temperature: Colour temperature impacts visibility and productivity. The temperature between 4000k and 5000k is an apt choice for warehouses. It gives a white colour which is a good option for the spaces where employees work for longer hours under artificial light.

E. Emergency Lights: It is a legal requirement to have emergency lights.

Wrap Up:
Apart from other elements in a warehouse, light is a crucial part of a warehouse. It has been surveyed that companies have to face around 90 millions of accidents yearly. Using the right light in a warehouse reduces the number of accidents. It will not only boost productivity but also makes the employees happy.

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