Statistically, more than 5 million property crimes are committed every year in Australia alone. These stats make many house and business owners worry about their security. There is a huge increase in demand for security systems because having this in place is homeowners’ first line of defense against crime.

While any kind of financial loss may be recovered, but the trauma inflicted on you and your family may last forever. So, considering the above stats and the security of your family… you should keep home security systems your first priority.

A certified residential electrician is aware of and knows how to install these security systems. Moreover, he also keeps the state principles for these security systems in mind.

Is it Really Beneficial? – Particularly… Yes!

Protect your Treasures
This is, of course, the most important benefit many people look into. You might have heard of robbery, and some precious things stolen from people’s homes. The point is, there are things in our home that are of special value, and cannot be replaced. No one wants them to be stolen. These home security systems have alarms that can scare burglars, and notify the authority close to you.

Reduces Crime
According to a case study based on a local town in Melbourne, a clear decrease in crime is witnessed in an area with a large number of home security systems. Obviously, these systems will also reduce crime in your neighborhood.

A security system is capable of identifying these robbers… they are aware of this and decide to turn against the crime.

Helps you Insure your property
You may be paying some monthly fees for these systems but that will be easily recovered. These systems will protect your property by keeping an eye on every action done against you.

Suppose some kids break your window, or a stranger damaged your insured car. You will not have to bear the loss in both cases as you can easily claim money for your damage either from those kids’ parents or that company you took insurance from.

Enable you to keep a remote eye
These home security systems enable you to view your home from anywhere using an internet connection. There are features that will help you track your home even if you are on a long holiday.

Benefits for Businesses
If you are a business owner you get a lot of benefits as well. As a businessman, these home security systems not only help you in security but also treating some wicked customers.

These security systems can help you handle some situations like;
1. Stolen goods
2. Shouting customers claiming your mistakes
3. Fights among customers
4. Tracking work & seriousness of staff

How we can help you?
If you have made your mind, and are looking to improve your security we got you on this. At Abba electrical, we have a team of licensed electricians who are aware of all the technicities.

It does not matter if you are looking to upgrade your security systems or looking to install a new one… with our team, we can help you secure your property.

Our electricians have been working for many home and business owners for quite some time. Not just security systems, we are also capable of handling all the complexities of fire alarms and connecting home security systems with alarms.

Having an electrician install a tour security system we can integrate your security with the electrical in and automation to your property. An example Would be if you’re smoke alarms went off it will activate the house alarm siren as well, This will then be able to give you notification on your mobile phone device.